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Touch Tone 1 Public domain262 weeks
A straightforward touch tone.
Can Not Compute SimplytheBest Inc.238 weeks
The computer says: Can Not Compute.
Baby Laugh 1 SimplytheBest Inc.238 weeks
The nice sound of a baby laugh.
Train crossing Public domain262 weeks
The sound of a train crossing.
What Do You Want Me To Do SimplytheBest Inc.240 weeks
A simple question by the computer: What do you want me to do?
You're Fired SimplytheBest Inc.239 weeks
The boss is telling you: You're Fired!
Please Try Again Later SimplytheBest Inc.243 weeks
Answering machine message: Please try again later.
Baby Cry 1 Public domain257 weeks
The sound of a baby crying.
Phone ringing Public domain265 weeks
The sound of a phone ringing.
Red Alert SimplytheBest Inc.243 weeks
A robot saying: Red Alert.