Featured Tracks

NoNoNoNo NaNaNaNa Leilani
Easy going rock beat with nice instrumentals and some vocals.
Leilani Rock 2 Leilani
A more complete version of Leilani Rock 1 to be used as a ringtone or just to listen to.
It Is You Peter Nd'A
A very nice instrumental rock ballad.
Mmmm Leilani
Nice relaxed pop music track for relaxed listening.
Tingle On Peter Nd'A
Easy going rock beat with some nice instrumentals.
L-Trance 1 Leilani
Nice techno trance loop.
It's Pure Love Peter Nd'A
A very sentimental melodic guitar piece as a result of a jam
Random Sessions 1 2Brilliant
Two guitarists doing random sessions.
Fastbeat Dance Leilani
Dance music at a fast beat.
Piano Etude Peter Nd'A
Relaxing etude on piano.